Multi Camera Shoot

Multi Camera Shoot



At Pixel Box Studios, we have honed expertise to cover live events with our multi
camera video shoot team to bring your story on to the screen. Be it indoor / outdoor,
we do video coverages for Concerts, Corporate Events, Award Shows, Training Sessions,
Fashion Shows and Live Streaming.

In live events, there’s no room for retakes. It’s all about capturing those precious moment
in one take. Shooting with multiple cameras provides multiple angles and continuos
coverage adding visual depth to the show.

To cover live events with multi camera setups, one needs to setup right kind of equipments
and right team. Be it live telecast via satellite uplinking or for offline editing, we capture and
deliver the video content accordingly.

Along with the experience manpower, we have have bring in right cameras, audio equipments,
control room equipments and outdoor broadcast vans.

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