360° Virtual Reality Videos

There’s little doubt that virtual reality will influence the way we engage with information, visuals, stories and experiences. 360° video with audio is one of the most powerful mediums to engage the viewer. It transports viewers into a highly immersive experience into a real world or a virtually created environment. VR Video is a new medium to promote a product or a service using the immersive technology to make the viewer get engaged with the creative content and information be it in advertising, education or in a news. It’s a medium that allows you to connect to people, characters, places or an environment on an emotional level. Today from Fortune 500 companies to Small Enterprises, virtual reality videos and headsets are being incorporated into their marketing campaigns. For advertisers it’s altogether a new grammar of visual storytelling with audio. Possibilities are extra ordinary. All this is happening now. Millions of VR headsets have already been shipped this year alone.

At Pixel Box Studios our entire VR content development is done in-house. With lot of planning, our shoots are always done in perfect 360° with full HD to 4K video output with audio. Our shooting rigs ensure that you get the best possible 360° videos. You never miss out on anything. Our VR videos and images are delivered in a format which are compatible to be played on websites, Youtube, Facebook or on a appropriate offline player. The delivered VR content is compatible to be played on VR gears like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Google Daydream and several other VR head gears.

To avail our services, please call us at +91-7758077427 or email at sales@pixelbox.in